Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Enkelini's Gettin' Jiggy

Today is day 2 of a 3-day series of Enkelini's polishes. Gettin Jiggy is a orange jelly FILLED with all sizes of gold holographic glitter. I love holographic glitter. I know you must already know this! :) This polish has sky-rocketed up to my favorite 5 polishes of all time. I can't stop looking at it. It's tinted perfectly. I used a base color but didn't need to. The amount of glitter in these really pleases me. It's so nice! Formula and application were flawless. Dry time was quick. Great great polish. I'll be getting the full size for sure! Sorry there's so many pictures. I couldn't narrow it down.


 The lineup.

Oh and look what I got in the mail today! A major lemming! This is what I traded my half-vintage nail makeup for. Thank you Polish Monster!

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This polish was provided to me for review

Monday, July 30, 2012

Enkelini's Cobalt Club!

Today I brink you the first in a series of 3 polishes from Indie maker Enkelini, Cobalt Club. Pat of Enkelini is such a sweetie! And this polish is just beautiful. It's a blue-tinted jelly base filled with blue and green glitters of different sizes and shapes. I think I do detect just a hint of holographic glitter as well! Woo! You probably know by now how much I love holo glitter... so I was quite pleased to see a little rainbow speck in there! :D You can wear this over a base-color or just a couple coats on its own. It's pretty tinted, not just a subtle hint of blue. I wore it over Sally Hansen's Fairy Teal because I didn't know it was going to be so tinted! I ended up with 3 coats of Cobalt Club, but only because I kept bumping it and smudging and being generally klutzy. Alright well here it is! Enjoy!

Forgive the fuzz stuck to me.. :)

This polish was provided to me for review

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dalmation Wedding Nails!

I'm going to a wedding tomorrow! It'll only be my second wedding attended, so I'm quite excited. Today's swatch/mani/combo is featuring a polish from Custom Nail Art on Etsy. It's a black and white glitter polish called Dalmatian. It's going to match my dress perfectly! It's my first b/w glitter polish so I was nervous about the outcome but I really like it! There's more white than black in this one, as is true with the dog of it's namesake. Application was a dream. I didn't have to manipulate the glitter too much but if you want a precise and even array of glitters, you're going to have to. The base is Wet N Wild Through The Grapevine. Here are the pictures. They're a bit blurry today, the Olympics' Opening Ceremony was on, I couldn't waste time taking pictures! :P

 The lineup!
1 coat, 3 coats (would have been fine in 2 but I nicked it!), 1 coat, 1 coat.

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This polish was provided to me for review

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Half-Vintage Nail Makeup

Today I bring to you the reason I decided to go ahead and start a blog. This polish! It's Sally Hansen's Magical Nail Makeup in Mystical Mandarin. Whew, long name. It is my oldest polish at a whopping 10 years (thus, half-vintage). It's also my favorite polish. But Today I bring it to you in a "farewell" post. I've decided to part with my baby and swap it for Layla Hologram in Flash Black. I hope it's worth it! It sure looks worth it. So, one last time, here is my baby mandarin, which is actually a medium pink linear holo.

This polish was the easiest polish to photograph ever. Even in the blurriest of all the photos, it still looks amazing. It's so photogenic! :) I love you baby. Go have fun at the Polish Monster's house!
*Sarah Mclachlan - In The Arms Of The Angel begins to play*

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Feenix Polish's Beam Me Up!

Today we have another Indie, Feenix Polish's Beam Me Up! Beam Me Up is a Spectraflair topcoat that turns any polish into a linear holographic. The formula was smooth and easy. Dry time wasn't too bad but it took longer than the fast-dry formulas I'm so used to. When deciding what color to use as underwear I got to thinking "How come I never see pastels as base color under Spectraflairs?" It's because they suck. The rainbow effect is very subtle and dull. So here it is dulled over mint:
Barely any rainbows.

So then I tried it over a dark. That's when things got magical.

 All better! Yay magic!

The lineup. 1 coat, 4 coats, 1 coat, 3 coats.

If you want to purchase this polish or any other or Feenix Polish's,

Monday, July 23, 2012

Feenix Polish Feenix Rising Review

Today, I present to you Feenix Polish's Feenix Rising. Feenix Polish is run by a wonderful lady named Suzette. Here's a snippet from Etsy! "Feenix Polish offers handmade nail polish, blended in small batches and shipped with care. Glitters, shimmers, sheers, jellies and topcoats are among our offerings. We constantly try new blends and update the items in our shop on a regular basis. We take pride in offering beautiful, high quality nail polish with quick shipping and strong customer support. All of our polishes are 3-Free, and each bottle contains stainless steel mixing balls." Sounds pretty good to me! This was the hardest polish to photograph ever. Just saying. Here's a bottle shot:
Like an Opal. :)

I tried it over black, and also white. It's amazing to think this is the same polish. It can go from edgy and cool over black with the glitter showing up yellow green and blue, to girly pretty over white with the glitter showing up translucent pink, purple, and yellow! Lovely! The formula was a little thick but it's probably because it was totally packed with glitter! It helped make this a 1-coat polish. The dry time will have you out of the game for a while though so go potty before painting your nails!

Over Black
Over White
Over Black
Over White
The Lineup.
Aw look who decided to show up while I was writing this post! I love deer so much! I don't even care that they eat my garden.

Interested in this polish or some of Suzette's other beauties?
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fairy Nails!

While you guys were entering my new giveaway, I painted my nails! (Big surprise, right?) Well here they are. Don't you think they look like what a fairy might wear?
 The star of the show, Color Club's "Sugarplum Fairy". A scattered holo glitter that desperately wants to be a linear.

 Blurred 'cause rainbows. :)
 Seche Retain, Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy (obviously I went with "to buy"), Color Club Sugarplum Fairy, and Insta-Dri Clearly Quick.
 The weather and my camera were collaborating to bring you these terribly misrepresenting photos.

 WHERE ARE MY RAINBOWS? Stupid cloud cover.
 See it's almost linear....
There's the rainbows. :)