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If you have questions about my blog, my life, my self, my nail polish, or anything just email me and I'll get back to you ASAP!

If you are a company (Indie or otherwise) seeking a review of your products, please read the following:

-I would happy to review any nail polish in a heartbeat. I represent the everyday girl's views. I'm not trained professionally, I work a normal job just like everyone else, and find time to do my nails a few times a week. I am not hyper-skilled, but I bring a perspective that I feel is valued. Just a normal girl who paints her nails, just like most that will be reading the review. No, I'm not going to charge you to review it, I'm just happy getting free nail polish. And you get publicity, so we both win. Hooray! I will review any polish under the sun. If it exists, I want to review it. I have a passion for getting little companies noticed. I also have a passion for knowing things before everyone else does (That's the teenager in me...), so if it's a new collection coming out, I'd be so honored to feature it on my blog. If you need a review posted on or by a certain date, let me know. I will expedite your review.

-If you would like me to review other cosmetics, I will do so. But, please note that this is a nail polish blog, and I am a polish fanatic. Polish is my specialty, my forte. I'm not an expert on much else and therefore I'm not confident that I'm going to be the most helpful reviewer. But if you think that my audience is your target, and you have confidence in me, then sure. I will give it a shot.

-If you would like me to review other products, I'll have to think about that. I'm not going to review a broom or a baby crib or anything like that because it's not my specialty. I don't do a heck of a lot of cleaning, and I don't know any babies. If it's something that ties in with the theme of my blog, like nail accessories, dotting tools, swatch wheels, polish remover, stamping plates, etc, then I will of course review it. Jewelry, hair accessories, shoes, some apps, and even cameras are all things that I'd review given the chance. If it's girly or I think my readers would like to see it, chances are I will review it.

-In any of the cases above, my readers would love if you included doubles of some items, so I may host a giveaway with your products. To enter the giveaway, I will make it mandatory for readers to visit your website, like you on Facebook, follow you on twitter, etc., if you so wish.

Please email me at with any questions, or if you are interested in having a product reviewed.

Thanks for reading!

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