Thursday, February 28, 2013

Serum No 5's Peachy Keen

 Something different in this post: A shimmer! You won't see me wearing a lot of shimmer. I just... Yeah I don't know. Bleh. But!! This one. MMMM! It's so sexy and pretty!! And simple and effortless and just yummy! All it took was a gold/peachy beige shimmer, gold glitter in a couple sizes, and howdy-doo, look at that. Am I making any sense? No? ... Really?

 Awesome formula, as to be expected from Serum No 5. This brand just can't mess up. If you haven't tried out their stuff, you gotta do it. Click on the "serum no 5" tag to see other reviews I've done for them.
A macro?! Yes. A macro.

Overall Grade:
I have zero complaints, and endless raves!

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This polish was kindly provided to me for swatching and review!  

Candy Lacquer's Candy Crush

Today I have a dose of color for you in the form of Candy Lacquer's Candy Crush! This one is a mix of different colors of matte shreds. Basically: confetti! This polish, expecially when paired with these undies, (Lime Crime's Parfait Day) looks like a party, plain and simple. And, with no fishing, easy application, and fast dry time, it pretty much IS a party!! Recently I decided to collect Candy Lacquers because they're just so effortlessly perfect. This one is no exception! Without further ado, the star of the show!
 You're not mistaken, yes that is a dog hair!

Overall Grade:
While I wouldn't wear this as an everyday look, I love how easy it was to look so festive!

Candy Lacquer's Big Cartel store
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This polish was provided to me for swatching and an honest opinion! 

No more!

Today I decided... No more lightbox!! My lightbox pictures required so much editing to get the colors right that it's just not worth posting any more. And obviously I'd like to be posting more. From here out, I'm just gonna take picture. Unprofessional pictures! -gasp- I don't care what's in the background, I don't even really care what my cuticles look like. I just wanna show you great polish! This is what polish looks like on a normal girl! I work a job that eats my nails for breakfast, so yes they are short, sometimes uneven, and misshapen. But I think at this point I just don't care, and I'd rather show you what polish might look like on a normal person. No I don't have foot-long nails, but most girls don't. So, get ready for very unimpressive nails with very impressive polish. For me that's what it's about. The polish. Not getting pinned and repinned and shared etc because of my talons. It's about the polish and its makers. So here goes nothing. :)