Thursday, February 28, 2013

No more!

Today I decided... No more lightbox!! My lightbox pictures required so much editing to get the colors right that it's just not worth posting any more. And obviously I'd like to be posting more. From here out, I'm just gonna take picture. Unprofessional pictures! -gasp- I don't care what's in the background, I don't even really care what my cuticles look like. I just wanna show you great polish! This is what polish looks like on a normal girl! I work a job that eats my nails for breakfast, so yes they are short, sometimes uneven, and misshapen. But I think at this point I just don't care, and I'd rather show you what polish might look like on a normal person. No I don't have foot-long nails, but most girls don't. So, get ready for very unimpressive nails with very impressive polish. For me that's what it's about. The polish. Not getting pinned and repinned and shared etc because of my talons. It's about the polish and its makers. So here goes nothing. :)


  1. I don't use a lightbox either. Sometimes I'd like to because on other blogs, the nails look great! But I'm pretty happy with how my nails turn out with crap in the background and maybe the picture is a little blurry and maybe my cuticles could use some oil but I guess I have to remember that I'm painting my nails for myself and putting them out there on the internet mostly for myself to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment but also to share with others! If others aren't going to appreciate your hard work and judge you based on how your pictures may look, then screw 'em! It's only the internet after all. :)