Thursday, February 28, 2013

Serum No 5's Peachy Keen

 Something different in this post: A shimmer! You won't see me wearing a lot of shimmer. I just... Yeah I don't know. Bleh. But!! This one. MMMM! It's so sexy and pretty!! And simple and effortless and just yummy! All it took was a gold/peachy beige shimmer, gold glitter in a couple sizes, and howdy-doo, look at that. Am I making any sense? No? ... Really?

 Awesome formula, as to be expected from Serum No 5. This brand just can't mess up. If you haven't tried out their stuff, you gotta do it. Click on the "serum no 5" tag to see other reviews I've done for them.
A macro?! Yes. A macro.

Overall Grade:
I have zero complaints, and endless raves!

Serum's Facebook
Serum's Etsy store
Their tumblr 

This polish was kindly provided to me for swatching and review!  


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  2. This is cute :) I see a lot of Serum's polishes around lately, their glow in the dark polishes look lovely!