Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Polish Setup!!

So I rarely ever do posts that aren't Indie reviews. However, my nails and cuticles are in the worst shape of my life right now so I thought it appropriate to post something a little different. This is a wall in my room, and how I try to keep my addiction organized. Think of these drawers like the baggies that drug addicts use. And with one colorful analogy out of the way, here is my room!

 Here's the set up in it's entirety. Front and center is my new light-box. I spent the afternoon turning a large flat-rate box into this masterpiece. Then I realized there are few to no light sources of usefulness in my house. So I hung a flashlight from the ceiling of course, as any rational person would, I'm sure. Then we've got my sick TV. Its the TV I watch when I'm sick. Next to it are all of my old favorite movies that are comforting to fall asleep to. This wasn't intended as a sick TV, but it's what it's become. The white shoebox if full of candy for both consuption and for swaps. :) The drawer sets we will get to down below, they're where the magic happens. The zig-zag contraption to the left of the picture if where I keep my Indie polish waiting to be reviewed.  Between the drawer sets I have a giant hush-hush box of polish that is indeed top-secret. So shhh.

Here is my "mine" drawer. These are all of the polishes that are indeed mine. Need I say more? :) Thinking this is not very many polishes for a blogger to have? Just wait until you see the next drawer.

This drawer is my swappable drawer, and the bulk of my collection. I tend to only keep about half of what I buy, and the rest goes here. On the right we have used swappables, and notes I receive in packages. Top left are my BN polishes that I think I will keep. They're here so I know they're BN, or because I'm waiting for someone to name the right price. :) The rest of the left side is BN polishes that I'm selling or will swap, or will include as extras in packages.

 Current swaps, extra bubble-mailers, and swapping supplies like tape, etc.

My bubble-wrap drawer. ;)

My awesome polish rack! One of the benefits of working at a drug store! :) These are my indies that need reviewing. And that's the inside of my candy box!!

Hope this was slightly entertaining for you all, and maybe inspiring! I used to have bags full of polish like this:
And as cute as it is, I feel much more organized with the designated drawers for everything!

What do you think? See any of your favorite movies? Any tips for my light box? Any comments? Let me know. :)

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