Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lime Crime's Parfait Day

Another in my series of Lime Crime polish reviews. Here is Parfait Day. Personally I'd like the name more if it was "Parfait-a-Day". Haha. Doesn't that sound like the way to live? Parfait Day is a lovely, perfect pastel bubblegum pink. I can already tell that this polish is going near the top of my "Top 10 favorite polishes of all time" list. It's seriously and honestly flawless. If you love pastels, if you love unicorns, if you love pink, if you love femininity, this is the polish for you. Here are the pics! Lightbox messed with the colors terribly, but I tried to edit to make them truer to life.

 The cuticles weep. This is them after moisturizing. -shudders-

Also, I've been working on nail shape a little. Can you tell? I'm going for ovals.

Posing with my favorite perfume. Versace Bright Crystal.

Overall Grade:
Another win for Lime Crime, another flawless polish.

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