Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lime Crime's Peaches And Cream

My favorite makeup company, Lime Crime, recently came out with their own line of nail polish. How could I say no?!? The ladies that run this brand are simply amazing. I like to think that kinda like me back, too! I have a poster of their in my room, a mini eyeshadow primer, a standard size eye primer, 5 of these new polishes, an eyeshadow palette, and 2 lipsticks! Everything I have from them rocks, so I didn't expect anything different from their polish. How right I was!! Here's my favorite of the five, Peaches <3 Cream. I'm not sure how you would say that out loud. Peaches Heart Cream? Peaches Love Cream? Peaches And Cream? I don't know. I don't care. All I care about it how flawless this polish is. A beautiful cantaloup/circus peanut shade.
 The adorable packaging. I'm far too swayed by brilliant package design. Drippy white and lavender, green on the inside of the box. Foggy semi-matte frosted bottle with the signature unicorn logo on the bottle!

  This color seriously brightens up my gloomy winter.
Stunning! What do you think?

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