Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Enkelini's Doynk

Hey ladies and gents. Today we have day 3 of the Enkelini series, Doynk. It is a color-shifting glitter topcoat with very good 1-coat coverage. The glitters shift from dark green to light green, to golden, to a harvest orange. This would be so pretty for Autumn! Here's a bit from their Etsy: "These are the same glitters as used in Ozotic Elytra Polishes. This is normally used as a top coat over a base colour, however I have added a 'double shot' of glitter to this one so it can be worn without the need for a dark base colour under it." Ozotic glitters? Score! This is probably the closest I'll ever get  to an ozotic. :)This is really an easy polish to love. easy to apply, quick drying, and beautiful. What more could I ask? Here's what I came up with as far as photos. Sorry if it's not as neat as it could be, I was excited and went straight to photographing! These are over China Glaze Agro from the Hunger Games collection.

Shit, that's ugly.... Going outside to take better pics. Sorry you had to see that!!!!!

Better pictures: (Lots of them in an attempt to capture the shift)

 There's a bit of the shift.
 The orange showed up for a while :)

The lineup. This photo is a lie, I didnt use topcoat cause it killed the glitter.
1 coat, 1 coat, 3 coats (Just for good measure. Really it would have been fine with 1 but I got carried away.)

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This polish was provided to me for review.

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