Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guest Post: Apple Blossom Nails!

Hey lacqueristas! I'm Britta Rose and I'm new to the nail blogging world but I've been a longtime lurker of this blog and many others. The lovely lady behind Apple Lacquer has been kind enough to let me do a guest post for her wonderful blog! She gave me the challenge of doing a manicure inspired by her page background/theme so I thought I'd try to twist the whole apple blossom theme into a cute floral pattern. Hope y'all enjoy! 

The base reddish/purple coat is Wet n Wild Ruby Rush, the pink blossoms are Wet n Wild Tickled Pink, the white is Spoiled Correction tape and the yellow is Spoiled Designated Driver. These can all be bought for around $3 each at drug stores!

I think that's it! Thanks for letting me do this!! It was a lot of fun :)
-Britte Rose
 How cool is that, yall? Would you like to see more guest posts? I sure liked it.. little to no work involved for me! Haha! We will probably be having more of these! And look how nice it is! Thanks Britta Rose!
Check out her blog HERE.