Thursday, July 5, 2012

Candy Lacquer's "Pastel Confetti"

This little cutie is coming to you as Indie Week Post #3. It's a mix of many different shapes and sizes, all in these pretty pastel shapes. If you love glitter, or pastels, or both, this is a really great polish. I saw a swatch of this and asked the store owner if there was a way I could ensure that I'd be able to get a bottle when they opened, and she listed a bottle for me then so I could buy it. So nice! She's no longer doing special orders but I was glad that I didn't miss out by not being on the computer at just the right time! Absolutely zero formula issues. Just a great polish. Bottle shot borrowed from Candy Lacquer's Etsy site (although mine doesn't have bar glitter or black glitter? Hm.):

 I did this mani while at a birthday party today so its not super neat (you probably will never see a mani of mine that IS neat. Haha, my camera is so good that it sees stuff the human eye won't pick up right away) and also my cuticles are ugggggllyyy. But no excuses. Judge me if you'd like. The birds are out this evening chirping, it's nice. :) Here are pics.
Polishes used were (in order of application): Seche "Retain" (basecoat), Wet n Wild  #402 "Tickled Pink", Candy Lacquer "Pastel Confetti", and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri #110 "Clearly Quick" as a glossy topcoat.
Later gators.

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