Friday, July 20, 2012

Fairy Nails!

While you guys were entering my new giveaway, I painted my nails! (Big surprise, right?) Well here they are. Don't you think they look like what a fairy might wear?
 The star of the show, Color Club's "Sugarplum Fairy". A scattered holo glitter that desperately wants to be a linear.

 Blurred 'cause rainbows. :)
 Seche Retain, Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy (obviously I went with "to buy"), Color Club Sugarplum Fairy, and Insta-Dri Clearly Quick.
 The weather and my camera were collaborating to bring you these terribly misrepresenting photos.

 WHERE ARE MY RAINBOWS? Stupid cloud cover.
 See it's almost linear....
There's the rainbows. :)