Monday, July 2, 2012

Elevation Polish "Avalanche"

So the first swatches of Indie Intro Week and also my blogging career are of Elevation Polish's "Avalanche" Described on their website as "10 different types of holographic glitter. Big and small blended together. large diamond, large hex, medium hex, small hex, holographic microglitters." So pretty much, super holographia! I love all things holographic and if it just so happens to be glitter in nail polish, then so be it. Here is a bottle shop from their site.
Gorgeous, right? Right. Here are my swatches, they are over Zoya Wednesday of the Beach Collection. Accent nail base color is Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac. These are 2 coats of Avalanche. Don't mind my ugly cuticles and chipped color. This was just me messing around! :) Also, I wasn't able to fully capture the holographicness of this polish but let me assure you, it is blinding.
Ooo, artsy.

Daisy patches have popped up in the lawn, I love them!

And finally, we have a macro of my thumb nail,
So holographic!

This concludes my first swatching. Thanks for reading!

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