Friday, July 13, 2012

Custom Lacquistry!! Nail Mail

A bit ago I messaged Jenna of Lacquistry and asked for a custom polish. I literally asked for every kind of silver holographic glitter (minus bar glitter, too problematic for me) she had, in one polish. She agreed to it but I'm sure in her head she was cursing me for putting in a custom request right before she decided she wouldn't take more for a while. Haha. Oops. Well anyways, I was having an interesting day. I got a job (as long as the background and the drug test both come back clean, which they will), I passed the written portion of my drive test to get my license, and I got 2 free Starbucks Refreshers (YUM!). But then I found out my identity had been stolen, and my whole day went to shit. So when I got home and saw this in the mail, I was just so happy. So here is today's nail mail! Lots of pictures to accurately portray the beauty.
 Polish-harvestin' time.

 She named it Celestial Web. She asked for my hobbies and interests, and my exact response was "Tacky fashion, kittens, cable tv, the internet, coffee, and space :)" and that was what she came up with.

 Blurry to show the holographicness! Yay rainbows!

Oh a hummingbird!

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